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PT Momentum Anugerah Indonesia, Marine and Shipyard Industries in Batam

SUARAKALA.id, Batam – Was established in 2011 with an initial investment of SGD 5 millions covering an area of more than 90.000 sgm. The next phase of investment in 2013 and we will continue to invest and grow to meet market expansion.

Eguipped with a total of 350 over experienced and highly skilled workforces with international certification, has achieved and won a sales contracts of SGD 50 millions for year 2012 to 2014.

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PT. Momentum Anugrah Indonesia is a fully Integrated Marine Company with a strong focus in ship building, ship repairs, steel construction, general engineering service and any related marine services.

Our Vision

“To become one of the leading ship building and repairs within the region by providing our valued customers with top class products, service and prompt delivery”

Our Mission

To constantly innovating and investing in the Research and Development to better prepare for the changing world.

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To continually upgrading our training workforce through motivation, education and program to increase productivity and Operational management technigues.

To work closely with our valued customers to best achieve their wants and needs.

Contact Kav, Sei Lekop Rt.5 Rw.7 Sagulung, Telepon (62-778) 7367100, 222223, Fax (62-778) 7367200, Email: info@momentumshipyard.com, welly@momentumshipyard.com. Marine and Shipyard Industries in Batam.

Source & Foto: Dok/ BP Batam.

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