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PT. Mc Conell Dowell, Marine and Shipyard Industries in Batam

SUARAKALA.id, Batam – Since 1961, we have built thousands of guality assets and facilities for clients and communities. Our expertise has grown steadily to span building, civil, electrical, fabrication, marine, mechanical, pipelines, rail, tunnel and underground construction.

With over 3,500 employees and professional engineering and construction teams in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, our clients benefit from our unigue mix of local knowledge and international experience.

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Our culture is founded on expertise, creativity and progressive thinking. We constantly challenge ourselves and our partners to find the best solution for every project.

This attitude, along with our safe, high-guality, systematic and structured approach, has earned us the trust and toyalty of our clients.

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We engage in all types of business relationships, from fixed price contracts through to risk-reward based systems such as Early Contractor Involvement.

Contact Sei Binti, RT.O1, RW.01, Sagulung, Batu Aji, Telepon (62-778) 391 989, Fax: (62-778) 391 986 (Lina) Email : batam@mcdgroup.com, website: www.meconnelidowell.com.

Coordinates 01”01’53,82”-103”55’05,58″ Sea Depth -6 mLWS Size of Industry Yard. 20 Ha. Marine and Shipyard Industries in Batam.

Source & Foto: Dok/ BP Batam

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